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Written by Nikita   
Tuesday, 07 July 2009 23:02


The name of this site is Tales From The Cells. Well, I've got many- stories from the street as well. But you got to get at me if you wanna know!



Here's some about the Finster. Born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Been a bad boy most of my life. I have spent like 15 years in prison since 1989. Caught up in the drug game since I was young. Born October 25, 1969, Scorpio. 6ft. Tall, 185 pounds at the present time, but I have bulked up to 215 several times. Blue eyed devil-long, long brown hair, teeth are straight, and I'm tattooed down with a lot of quality art. Art is a big passion of mine. I've got a big taste for the eccentric. Anything aside from the norm. Mohawks, Goth, Candi Ravers, Feminine gesture is nice, like the body . Listen to all kinds of music- thrash, punk, classic, oldies, death and black metal, alternative, and even a little country and rap. Variety is the spice of life. Into fast cars, old muscle and imports. Bikes too. All bikes, even the kind you peddle! I am a live wire, kind of a loaner, like to have that special someone and a select few around me. Love rain walks, drives, anything in the rain. Brings serenity and peace to my soul. I love the mountains as well. Snow dogs and other things too! Hahaha

Anyway I'm at a crossroads. Seriously wantin some change in my life. It's time to move on; new people, places, and things! For sure so it your of the eccentric, got somethin aside from the average and interested in corresponding with me, get at me and please send a picture! I've got 3 years in on this 16 year sentence, but I'm in the process of getting it down to something a bit more reasonable. I'm getting closer to getting out and seeking a new direction to go when I do so. I seek depth and a taste of something new. Maybe it's you?

                                                                                         ~ Animosity





Ron Phinney #61155

P.O. Box 6000

Sterling, CO  80751-6000

Race: White

Wants to Write: Anyone

Conviction: Possession of Materials to Manufacture Meth


“I Like”

I like narrow streets, And castles on hills, Little red pills, wind dried shirts, by wine filled breeze, olives and cheese, I like ankles and heels, the arch too, what about you? I like tragedy and pain, Places that echo, Where warm glowing fires, Make shadows that dance, Take a chance!

I like night skys that are clear, Dark rooms covered in fear, I like how the sun kisses the underbelly of clouds, Pink they foam in blue, Are we true? I like dreams that reveal, Morose skys, Shaking thighs, And gleaming eyes, What never dies, I like Art that curls the soul, And splinters removed, Cloths top, What about you?

I like blinking street lights, And rainy dark nights, Jazz that drips on our sex, Hips that flex, And shoulders too. What about you?

I like to paint her toes, While she touches herself, Side to side, we glide, I like holy places, That heal empty spaces, Touch that leaves traces, Of magic on skin, I like to peer within. What about you?



“Tied Up”


A little polished devil boy, Followed me home yesterday, Whispering dark proverbs, All the way

His nails were painted blue, His lips were too, He colored me in Red, Spoke but nothing was said, We chased each other only to land at our lovers place, She welcomed us, In thick heals and gown.

We each held a hand, While 3 tongues danced in the mouths of one, After she had me for dinney, She petted my skin, And the little polished devil Boy, Grinned from within.

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Renee  - Re: Ron   |68.32.88.xxx |2010-01-24 09:10:54
Crazy's fine but that beard yuck are both the pict ures Ron? This is the on
ly bio I read do they all  go pretty much the same?
I'd rather know what
pr ison how long is sentence, are they getting any ma il. You know the
facts it does say the charge and  the prison address.
Interesting site I
thought I' d seen them all.
My site ishttp://prisonzombie.blogspot.com
I'll be back.
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