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Written by Nikita   
Monday, 30 March 2009 03:58


Letter received from Mr. Ramon Milian on May 20, 2009

Thank you for your concern. I am in SHU and will remain here for quite some time. The D.O.J. (Department Of Justice) does not like my location to be generally known. Reality is that I get magazine subscriptions, mail from friends, etc, but having my address posted on the internet makes them jumpy.


Remember I'm not just a former organized crime figure, I was also “outed” as a covert operative for the C.I.A. There is a lot of conflict that surrounds someone like me. In the real world there are no “covers”, that's for novels. If you say you are an assassin, you really kill people. One does not pretend to be something, one must BE.


And so I became the largest money launderer of my time. Now criminals look at me and say- he was a CIA man, he worked for the government. And my colleges at the CIA say- He went bad, he kept all the money.


Heinrich Boll wrote that to get to an absolute truth, one must get every version of the truth from every person involved, and then filter out the agendas and prejudices.


At the end you should have an accurate complied TRUTH.





Let me give you my “truth”. I really was a cold war warrior. My intentions were pure and honorable, and my goal laudable. But my means would have never been accepted by society (at that time, now they accept water boarding and say it is justifiable torture.) And so I played in the shadows and did a fine job. BUT one day my co-workers woke up and said- God damn, Ramon's got access to $11 billion. And money was tight, and somebody said- you know we could really use that money. Did you see how easy Ramon took 10 million out of his pocket to pay for the cowtri war? In the end it was all about the money. They wanted, and I would not give it up. I looked around and ratiocinated. There were no good choices. I've always prided myself on the fact that whenever I walk into a room, odds are 99% in my favor that I'm going to be both the smartest guy in the room and the richest. I also can make tough choices. I was not put in jail. I voluntarily walked in. I was on bond ($25 million) for 3 years. When I saw that the push for the $11 billion was going to go into overdrive, I put myself in prison (laid down for my last trial- had 3- 2 hung juries), and told my CIA “friends” to kiss my ass for the money.



They went out and investigated, tortured, and killed everyone they could find, and NEVER found the money. So that got the C.I.A. mad at me. The D.O.J. came to me and asked me, actually told me- as a former CIA operative it's your duty to tell us everything about the cartels. I told them kiss my ass for the information.

So as you see everyone is mad at me. Criminals, governments- all hate me. BUT I still got the money- so no one is allowed to hurt me. And trying to make me invisible, forgotten is the D.O.J's way of protecting me.

((If you do an inmate search, Mr. Milian is not in the data base, which is frightening if you ask me.))

I apologize for any problem this has caused you. I did not know you were going to publish my address, I thought you were just going to publish the story (like a newspaper). If you want to put it back up, DO SO, without my address. If you wish to put in an addendum- feel free to use this letter as a basis for your article on the blog.



Don't worry about me, I'm alive, and with my training, this SHU is a walk in the park.

~Ramon Milian


 **Original My Story written by Mr. Milian. Sadly being misinformed has helped land Mr. Milian in SHU (the hole). I wish the previous writer working with Tales had made this entirely clear to someone of Mr. Milian's stature. By gones be by gones, however the miscomunication did not put the previous writer in the hole now did it.**


My name is Ramon Milian, at the time of my fall from grace; I was the Chief Financial Officer of the Medellin Drug Cartel. I was called Pablo Escobar’s Right Hand; I’ll tell you later how that came about. I am the product of the world’s finest educational institution, I am a Jesuit scholar. I am, among other things, a Certified Public Accountant and a Registered Financial Principal, which is, of course, how I eventually became a notorious money launderer, corrupter of governments, and all around bad guy. I am other things also, but that is another story. I will tell you later about that too. My virtues are indistinguishable from my vices. My scruples are unexacting as to means, and wholly taken up with ends. If my arm interferes with accomplishment of my mission, I will cut it off. I am a sociopath with strong team instincts. I will die for any of my team members, in furtherance of our objective, and I will kill any team member that impedes our success. At times, I can be scary.



I was born in Cuba, and witnessed one of the greatest American betrayals ever, the Bay of Pigs Invasion. I learned from this travesty that no government can be trusted; governments have interests, they do not have friends. I have always made sure that it is in everyone’s interest to keep me alive, and so, I went to prison for 43 years, while all my Cartel associates died.




My business decisions for the Cartel were differentiated from normal everyday business decisions in that, if I erred, I died. This fact tends to focus you in a way that nothing else can even come close to. The uniqueness of my position, facing death so regularly, taught me some very important things. One of them being that as you face death, you regret things not done, adventures not undertaken, experiences untried, whether through some false code of morality, shyness, fear of failure, or through fear of getting caught. And so, I used the finest business techniques devised for the business world, and applied them to the business of the underworld. Every project underwent a Project Evaluation Review Technique. Every Critical Path was examined, and I survived. And by the time of my demise, I had done every important thing in life at least once.



It was all about money, at the beginning. We were all in our early twenties. If the attack on the World Trade Center was, as it has been called, a failure of imagination, it was not the first time. No one, at that time could imagine how much money we would generate, and how much of it we would keep. At the time of my arrest I was laundering $ 2.4 billion a year, and managing an $11 billion fund. This does not seem much by the standards of today, but if you index it to today, the multiplier is 16. So I was laundering the equivalent of $38 billion a year, and managing a $176 billion fund. Not bad for a young immigrant just trying to get ahead.


 This is what ONE billion dollars looks like


Then came the power. We staged coups, bought elections, funded armies and wars, bought control of public companies, professional sports teams, newspapers, radio stations, television stations, etc., etc. You get the picture. If your are interested in details, I suggest you read, “Out of Control” by Leslie Cockburn.


All the money used to pay for everything went through my hands. You could not do anything unless you paid for it. So every time the Cartel needed something done, I got called upon to pay for it. And thus I became Pablo Escobar’s “Right Hand”. My position gave people a mistaken opinion of my influence. Many actions were attributed to me, but my only involvement was paying for them. My only influence was in money management and manufacturing operations, in those areas my word was law.


We were the precursors of all the myths and misconceptions about big crime that people have today. I had yachts, planes, helicopters, mansions, Art, exotic cars, fabulous jewelry, bespoke Seville Row suits, French custom made shirts, Italian hand made shoes. Mine was a simple life, I only had the best of everything. The flip side was the danger, not from police, but from everyone else. Everyone is always trying to take away what you have. Kidnapping and assassination were routine worries. Betrayal was always a nano second away. Climbing up the corporate ladder for us meant you got rid of the guy above you. Since I was already at the top, I spent a lot of time defending. It was not all wine and roses.


Machiavelli said that since you could not make everyone love you, it was best to make everyone fear you, as long as the fear did not turn into a hatred that united people against you. Pablo Escobar forgot that lesson, and it cost him his life. I never forgot it, and survived. We were once at a party, and a mid-level manager who had had too much to drink asked my companion for that evening to dance. I looked at him with displeasure, and my date declined his invitation. Pablo was sitting at the table with us, and noted my look. The next morning, while I was having breakfast, I received a visit from three of his bodyguards. They brought along a laundry cart. Inside was the corpse of the fellow who had made the ill fated attempt to dance with my date. The bodyguards stated that Pablo apologized for the insult I received from this employee of his, and he hoped I would accept the sanction of the employee as compensation for the affront on my person. From that day on, people made sure never to displease me, and I was more careful in controlling my features.


 Pablo Escobar


This would be the end of the story had Iran-Contra not come along. During the Iran-Contra hearing I was “outed” as a covert operative for the CIA. I said I was other things. You can Google my name and Iran-Contra and get the whole story; I will not go into very much detail on this except to explain some truths. As crime becomes big enough, it becomes indistinguishable from government. Neither side can operate effectively without at least the tacit approval of the other. Governments have interests, not friends, and the same is true for big crime. Big crime can reach into places government cannot, and governments will give big crime quid pro quos in return. I set up and paid for a war that Congress would not allow the Reagan administration to fight. I did many, many other things too, but none of those were discovered, and shall remain secret.



I am now in the 25th year of my sentence. I am proud to say I never betrayed a trust; the government never found my clients’ money. I never broke, and I have no regrets. For a brief moment I stood on Mt. Olympus and was a god. Who else can kill with one look?


 **Editor's note: I suggest you all go take a look at Mr. Milian's whole story, the court proceedings. Click the links to read more about him. And I hope we will be hearing more about his life of crime as well as his life of CIA, the people he met and a few of his adventures. So click the links below!**

Ramon Milian Court Proceedings

Ramon Milian Number 2

Ramon Milian 3



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verla   |Registered |2009-06-22 16:03:45
Very interesting story..thus far
Nikita   |SAdministrator |2009-06-23 05:01:34
Verla! I'm so happy to see your comments here! How  ya been girl?

I am hoping to get Mr.M ilian to tell a few more tales from his life exp
er ience. I do not know how much trouble this repost  will cause him.
I am hoping none. He's been publis hed in several magazines. He's a well kn
own player , although he's buried in the system. Although see ms as th
ough not too hard to find. What concerns m e is you are unable to locate hi
m via the public r oute. He's like he doesn't exist. Scary!!

Glad t 
o see you reading and hope to see more of you Verl a! You rock girl!
Sativa   |208.66.189.xxx |2009-06-22 16:54:52
I've heard many things about the Iran/Contra deal, from a valid source, and it
is quiet shocking.

Nikita   |SAdministrator |2009-06-23 05:08:17
It is isn't it?!?! I have a feeling there is so mu ch about this particular
subject that the public h as no idea about. How much is actually kept from
t he public? I mean, it's a pretty scary thing actua lly. Being kept
in the dark on several mass action s. As I said, I hope Mr.Milian will dec
ide to tel l a few more of his tales. He's a man of great sta ture and
demeanor, very respectful, very straight  forward. He is smart, so his wri
ting is very easy  to dictate. A perfect candidate for Tales From The 
Cells. Perfect! And not only that, but he peaks m y personal interest.
Thanks for commenting and checking up on things!!  I'm not going to get an
ything posted tonight, but  tomorrow part 4 goes up of the Stripper Series
an d 'Fish's "Shotcaller" blog. Thanks again  for being a part
of this and sharing your work. I  hope that it becomes...
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