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Written by Nikita   
Tuesday, 28 April 2009 00:11

Nikita made a HUGE oooops guys! Ira Riggs was not the man pictured, but it is now corrected, and the real Mr. Riggs is up and now a ROCK STAR! Come on ya’ll, send him a letter to say hello! Look in artwork for his portrait we have in possession. Nikita is still trying to figure out how to scan in an oversized drawing of Katfish and herself, which turned out excellent! This guy knows his stuff, for real!

Thanks All, Especially Ira….




 The Righteous Hypocrites    

 Ira Riggs

They created the state and federal system too
Punish those who broke the law and evils they may do
They confine those earthy forms but they’ll never understand
It only creates further pain and complicates God’s great plan
They claim by torturing the wicked, the righteous will be the winners
But what they don’t realize is that they’ve become the sinners.


My name is Ira Riggs. I’m 5’8” tall and 200lbs. I have black hair and brown eyes.
I’m Native American, more specifically, Navajo (Dine’), from a small town
near Flagstaff, AZ.

This is my first time down (prison), and it only happened because I was tried
and unjustly in Federal court. I was totally unprepared and ignorant of how the
judicial system works. My only knowledge of prison was through movies (i.e.
“Lock-Up” with Sylvester Stallone and “Innocent Man” with Tom Selleck). I’m
just glad in the “Feds” the shower scenes are not as threatening
as in the movies.

Anyways, I was amazed to have been convicted with CIRCUMSTANTIAL evidence,
and the testimony of one person who admitted to having been intoxicated when the
event occurred, and even committed perjury before the judge. Well, I guess the Federal
Government doesn’t have a 98% conviction rate for nothing.

But I haven’t let the injustice done to me keep my spirits down. I have learned that
I’m a poet and an artist. I have written almost 800 poems pertaining to love, enlightenment,
heartbreak and inner darkness. All the emotions I have felt during the beginning of my time.
I have also learned that I am a visual artist as well. My favorite is to create portrait drawings
with graphite, charcoal, or a mixture of both.
(**be watching for the picture drawn by Ira of Katfish and Nikita**)

I have done over 100 art pieces since I began in the winter of 2005. I had not created
art before, but being in prison has brought out the natural ability for art. Through my
talent, I have brought many smiles and tears to those who have had the opportunity
to experience my discovered gift.

I am looking for someone to be my pen pal and a friend. I would like to write and
correspond with a female who has a sense of humor, is understanding and considerate.
My interests on the “outs” were riding horseback, playing sports, and watching movies.
Now, I’m limited to my art work, exercising, and the occasional movie. (F.Y.I. my favorite
movies are Braveheart and Gladiator). I have about 5 years left on my ticket, so romance
would not really be prudent. But a good friendship can go a long way and who knows….


So, if my info interests you, drop a few lines to me. I’ll share pictures, art, jokes and
the correspondence that describes a friend.

Ira Riggs #80258-008
1900 Simler Ave
Big Spring, TX   79720

The Retraction    

Ira Riggs

I try to hide my anger
While I attempt to shield my pride
But my rage is such a blinding force
My inner child cowers and hides
The hate and dismal resentment
That begin to fill my soul
Introduce only greater pain
Hurling my heart towards a blackened hole
So this fury that shrouds my life
I will forever try to hide
For if I allowed hate to rule my fate
Then I have already died


Ode To A Porter    

Ira Riggs

As they sit atop the roost and nest
They drop combs and debate who’s shit is the best
As they huddle together atop the piers
They fling their decay at our ears
We sweep and scrape and brush away
We keep this damn routine every day
It makes me tired and I want to throw a fit
Because we’re always cleaning up this pigeon shit

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