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Written by Nikita   
Thursday, 09 April 2009 01:32

1. I AM EDWARD , A federal prisoner here at Big Spring, 1/27/2009, serving a 20 year sentence for gun and drugs. I am the father of 7 children and 4 grandchildren. I've filed a habeas corpus 28 USC 2241 with civil and criminal rights violations, in federal court of New MEXICO case no. 03-475, asking for my federal and state charges to be over turned, for the malicious prosecutions, after the fact of Torture Conspiracy 18 USC 2340A, by the city, county, state, and federal courts. The judges, courts, district attorneys had knowledge of and were party to the contentious torture.

2. The U.S. Marshals, with intent, did injure me in federal courts, planes, and vans during transport, from 1996 thur 2001, I have filed common law Rico 18 USC 1964c in all action against the U.S. Marshals, U.S. Attorneys, judges, Bureau of Prisons, and Parole Commission.

3. The state charges were trumped up and did accompany false arrest, false imprisonment, tainted warrant and the kidnapping of my infant children, by of­ficers of the court and the state police.

4. There was no due process when I was tortured by the, then state judges W.P. Johnson and Alvin Jones. Johnson is now a federal judge.

5. My state attorney Jesse Cosby interrogated me in a restraining chair in front of jail staff and attempted murder at that time.

6. On 4th of March 1996, I was placed in the hole and taken to the hospital twice in 4 days, before the chair incident, for my heart and mental condition. The hospital wanted $16,000.00 for admission. Sheriff Tucker denied my access to medical care, yet contacted my parents and tried to Extort the $15,000.00 for the admission. My parents told them hes in your custody, you should be responsible for Eddie's care.

7. On the 7th of March, 1996, after the interrogation chair, my attorney Jesse Cosby, Judge Johnson, Judge Jones, and jail administrator Mike Galleger left me shackled in the Hole, without food, water, sink, or toilet, till the 15th of March, MACHINE KILL !

8. Two incidents of excessive force, without my resistance is documented on the 7th and 8th by 8 staff members, also.

9. Mike Galleger and 4 guards beat me down the morning of the 15th, then spit on my face in the transport van.

10. My tongue was protruding, I was crippled,without shoes, ankles swollen, eye-nose-and lip were cut and marks were up under my arm where Mikes nurse had stabbed and injected me, after she had given me two lethal injections of drugs in the restraining chair before Cosby interrogated me.

11. ALL this I have evidenced in doctors reports upon admittance to the for­ensic unit at Las Vegas, MM.

12. Psychologists carried me in to the unit because the 2 transport guards had tried to drag me in. I smelled of excrement after the 7 days in the Hole without a shower and my tongue was swollen and protruded because I had only drank from my tears the last 2 days, yet my eye pockets had dried out and I could not cry when they ran my face into the metal serving tray Mike had placed against the door jam, when the 4 guards rammed my face into it, the day of trans­port. Then I did remember licking the spit off my face like the animal they had turned me into. Who knows, they might have saved my life, with that spit, before the 300 mile trip, God only knows.

13. The nurse had attempted to kill me 3 times and the guards tried to break my neck in that chair. No worry my lawyer Cosby was there and JUDGES Johnson and Jones took 11 days to transfer me.

14. Federal Advocate Miguel Chavez sent Cosby a letter to keep me in Las Vegas after 90 days but Cosby, Johnson, and Jones had me returned to Roswell to malici­ously prosecute, after they had Tortured me. Cosby filed 2 motions in Johnson court, against retaliation by Mike and his staff, after I was threatened, but only after Miguel Chavez checked on my welfare, after I was returned to Chaves County jail. I quickly became unstable after returning and a male nurse stabbed me in my right eardrum while cleaning it with a syringe. He then laughed about it. I'm about deaf in that ear, I can't hear the chime in my watch.

15. Mike had one of his sergeants try to doctor up my cell surveillance minutes which turned out outrageous, when the advocate ordered it to the forensic unit, then turned it over to me, which I have since placed in a court of law.

16. Federal Judge Conway and AUSA Kelly Burnham was in Roswell for another con­spiracy case no. 96-220, so they had knowledge of my torture and conspired with Johnson, Jones and Cosby, to indict, me in my case no. 96-228-cr. My case involved 1 pound of Meth at the Roswell airport and FBI testified they had custody of Meth before I could have known about it.

17. Judge Conway and Burnham indicted me on a trumped up charge because I would have walked on the other conspiracy and state charges had my federal attorney -friend of Conway's, had a license to practice law at my trial and sentencing in the state of New Mexico. I found out by the Supreme Court Of New Mexico Disciplin­ary Counsel in 2000, that Gary Hill was not licensed in New Mexico. He had promised to take the 5 state charges and the 96-228-cr. He, Hill lied to my sister, extorted $15,000.00 from her and never entered the state cases and failed to defend me in Conway's court, And did not object to the malicious prosecution.

18. The one state charge I went to trial on, started with tainted arrest warrant, my innocence was evident when Johnson allowed a unqualified lab tech to testify and the evidence was lost for 6 months and the quanity was changed when they found it. The chain of command was violated yet ignored by Johnson.

19. Tom Udal attorney general had knowledge of my torture, yet was lied to by the state police at Appeal and NM Supreme Court level.

20. Senator Bingamen ordered Udal to look into my torture, he just contacted the state police who were party to the crime in the first place. My mother had sent the senator and Clinton a letter, about my torture.

21. Morning of Conway's trial, the Donna Anna county jailers gave me someone else's medication, confirmed by Conway's assistant after I had seizures, they then marched out the jury.

22. I had 3 letters from my doctor in las Cruces, on file, ordering me back to Las Vegas, days before my trial, for my mental illness.

23. In the trial the U.S. Marshals jumped on me and told me to be still, Mr. Hill said lay your head down and we can get this over with, the friend of the court. No medical attention was given that day. The next day the U.S. Marshals hauled me back to their courthouse for observation where I suffered. Then I was placed in a medical cell for 2 weeks at Donna Anna jail without concern of proper medical care. The Doctor down town said all she could do was order me to Los Vegas for psychiatric care. Conway, Burnham,and Hill did not care, they transferred me to Torrence County jail, where the psychiatrist there stated I was mentally ill before my sentence in Conway's court, re: sentence transcript 96-cr-228.

24. At Conway's sentencing back in Las Cruces CCA officers from the Torrence County jail pulled me out of the van onto my head, she said I was to heavy for her and I had not taken my medication that morning, so I had no equilibrium while shackled. They carried me arm in arm up the flights of stairs to the courtroom. In my sentencing transcripts, Conway, Burnham,and Hill were in con­flict of my mental stasis Hill told Conway it was the same as at the trial as Conway remembered and Hill said my physical condition was not in question, even after my head injury that day. Hill said, Psy. Landou had stated I had mental problems at the Torrence jail, I questioned those proceedings and my trial, when Conway asked me . I stated, I was not guilty of anything. Conway said my incom­petence was an issue for Hill on appeal. Conway said he would get me help in the Federal Hospital in Springfield, Mo., That never happened for 2 years. The CCA and Marshals gave me no medical attention that day and drove me back to Torrence 300 miles away, incident reports in petition no. 03-475 NM.

25. In the next conspiracy 411-cr-1996 federal judge Bruce Black. I never saw any evidence just Burnham stating she had 2 girls who would testify they bought drugs from me before they met the Kingpin. Black said if I was found guilty of guns and drugs in Conway's trial I should confess. Burnham and ray lawyer Adam Kurtz- Conway's intern, said they would give me life if I did not take their deal of 20 years. The Kingpin only got 20 years.

26. This sentencing took place after 7 months of hearings, while I was held un­der psychiatrist observation in a medical cell while I was heavily sedated.

27. The CCA and Marshals pulled me out of vans in front of my co defendants several times, with injuries, while sedated and shackled. I couldn't even walk straight to most hearings. The doctors at Torrence County jail provided me no medical care, they said I was the psychiatrists problem.

28. Defense counsel Adam Kurtz lied to my family and me to extract information, he said he wanted the information to organize a law suit in my case against Roswell, " INTERN ".

29. During the 1\ years in New Mexico county jails and upon approval- at U.S.P. Beauteous, Texas, I was on Thorazine, Elevil and Desoxin-pharmaceutical Meth, The mixture has been known to kill people.

30.When I was transported to USP Beaumont and unloaded at the Houston airport, a BOP employee jerked my shackles up to high at the base of the plane. I vent down hard bouncing my head and shoulder off the tar mat. A U.S. Marshal nurse administered first aid on the bus, she cleaned up my bloody head and patched up my elbow till I could get medical care at the USP. Upon arrival at USP Beaumont the nurse refused to see me and I was locked down in the Hole, this was Friday and I didn't get medical attention till Monday. My counselor who helped me with a tort claim said I could of got a blood clot or concussion.

31. I was mentally unstable from day of arrival at USP Beaumont March 12,1998 till May 19,1999 on various psychotropic medication, then was medically transfered to federal hospital Springfield, Missouri, to be stabilized.

32. 90 days of forced medication- medical battery- due to excessive meds, facial and dental mutilations and electrical shocks- which blew me off the bed, was a liv­ing Hell.

33. My family had heard in Roswell that I had been murdered in Springfield, yet I lived once again. The doctors and psychologists were labeled Sir. Frankenstiens

in my law work. My second and currant wife did not recognize photos of me. My mother and sisters had visited me at USP Bt. before my transfer to Springfield so I have before and after photos. The BOP psychologists depts., dental and other doctors have conspired to cover up my torture and injuries in custody, Dental X Rays, records and Photos don't lie.

34. With the threat of being locked down, retaliated against, and forced med­icated, I quit all meds upon returning to USP Bt. The psychiatrist wanted to keep me incommunicado.

35. Since, I've established numerous torts and court actions only to be shot for lack of funds or any other technicality court clerks can dream up. I have established my life is and has been in imminent Danger for the last 7 years pur­suant to 28 USC 1915g.

35. My employment injuries in custody at USP Beaumont and FCI Florence, have left my back with a pinched nerve and crooked spine and with my left shoulder 2 inches lower than my right shoulder.

37. At USP Bt. I threw 3 bags, weighing 200 lbs. total, over my shoulder which left me with a pinched nerve and on ibuprofen for pain.

38. Upon arrival here at FCI Florence, I was not cleared to work, because of my back injury yet was ordered to work by my Unit Manager. After a few weeks I was ordered to carry a 400 lb. generator up a flight of stairs by boss Robinson, as 100 inmates watched on. Then was ordered once again to do the same by Robinson with 2-4s under the ends of the next generator. This broke down my left side. It hurt that day and I could not get out of my bunk the next day. A nurse assistant saw me and gave me a layin for 20 days without seeing a doctor, my boss continued the lying another 20 days. During the following 6 months without seeing a doctor the nurses ass. Cordova thought he was a chiropractor yet injured my back further, Thats what continued his lying, when he saw he hurt me.

39. Then I filed for lost wages for my bosses ordered bed rest. Safety and med­ical and assistant warden ordered me back to work. I appealed in Washington,D.C., for the 20 dollars, then this staff said it never happened. 100 witnesses and 40 days of bed rest later ! I'm now 2 years later consuming 2400 milligrams of ibuprofen and 1200 milgs. of Tylenol a day for pain, suffering and swelling.

40. The Medical Administrator Christopher Lamb and doctors denied me traction, back brace, medical shoes and a ct scan, I had requested, which in turn left me with a crooked spine.

41. I can not take appropriate medication to relieve all pain and suffering because I have to concentrate on my law work. The torture in Springfield left

me without coordination, motor skills, yet I now type with one letter at a time.

42. The dentist said I could and need corrective surgery on my teeth yet the BOP will not do it, although they are the injuring party. My nerve damange and headaches are uncontrollable without proper meds because these injuries in custody are extreme.

43. Last year I filed a class action law suit on behalf of my family for in­juries bt federal attorney Gary Hill" his extortion" and my injuries with 100 defendants named, NM cv-020661. W.P. Johnson had just made the federal bench-he motioned to dismiss. I moved for recusal on grounds Johnson was party to the action, both civil and criminal against me. He got off the case fast. Then judge Hanson entered yet judge Black denied my motions. Because of filing fees the Tenth Circuit will not hear my civil action, yet I filed the initial filing fee as ordered and provided proof my Life is in Danger in custody pursuant to 28 USC 1915g, and should proceed free of fees by law.

44. My state attorney Jesse Cosby scared my elderly parents into selling their 5 rent houses and property after I was locked up. Cosby said the feds were after the land which was a lie. They only got $16,000.00 for all, yet the tax value was $65,000.00. Our houses - Pyeattville, was on a city master plan for the new civic center and the city knew they had to get rid of me or pay worth value. Cosby conspired with city officials to convict, torture me then steal my par­ents land in the process.

45.The Sheriff Terral Tucker stole a 35 ft. goose neck trailer off my dads land in the country. Magistrate Judge Corn allowed a bale bondsman Amador to sell my title to his friend without my dads consent after my dad had paid to get my titles-r . r

back minutes before. The title to the trailer had nothing to do with my bond, it was just in the folder. Judge Corn said I had to file a tort and would not let my mother bring action against such evil deeds.

46. The Bureau of Prisons have denied me access to courts by stealing my U.S. Mail which is documented by federal tort claims in courts of law in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and Washington, D.C. and a statement to the FBI while I was in USP Beaumont. The courts and U.S. Attorneys fail to entertain this U.S. Mail theft and fraud and is party to these Misprison of Felonies, see, 18 USC 4.

47. The BOP and their legal depts. will not allow me access to the U.S. ATT. General, Inspector General, The FBI now, The Solicitor General or U.S. Senators.

48. The U.S. General Accounting Office gave me a Control Number 43787 after they verified the BOP stole 2 packages I mailed them. They turned it over to their Fraud Net.

49. My actual innocence is well evidenced and documented with declarations supporting all facts I've provided.

1. Judge W.P. Johnson and state attorney Jesse Cosby prosecuted me after person­ally torturing me in the Chaves County Jail, with a 6 year sentence.

2. I lost a federal trial- I was hot a party to the crime in any way and Judge Conway and AUSA Kelly Burnham had knowledge of my torture in Roswell and conspired to maliciously prosecute with W.P. Johnson. My attorney was a friend of the court and was not licensed in the state of NM for trial or sentencing, 17% year sentence.

3. I plead to the second conspiracy because of threat of a Life sentence. It was double jeopardy in Bruce Black's courtroom, he said I was guilty of gun and drugs because of Conway's trial verdict. Adam Kurtz the defense counsel was Conway's

" INTURN". I have proven my innocence by ''MACHIAKILLIAN TORTURE".


 EWARD PYEATT #11875-051

1900 Simler Ave

Big Spring, TX  79720

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John Ahlstrand  - I Know my friend   |207.200.116.xxx |2010-12-29 15:57:03
Yes my friend, I have people in the same place as you.Corruption is running wil
d in the penal system but what to do.Like I've told people,it's not wha t you'v
e done,it's what you know.And it's sad all the corruption in the FBI,CIA,ATF an
d the SS,(soon to be). They really jacked you up but there are p laces a lot wo
rst. It's F'ed for all the time they give depending on how pissed they are. I w
ish you the best and I know whats going on.
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