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Written by Nikita   
Wednesday, 22 July 2009 23:51


Hello. My name is Randy Mark Couillard #40654 and I am in prison for a crime I did not commit. I know everyone says that, BUT I'm telling the truth. I have fallen victim to the corrupt, harsh sentencing, judicial system here in South Dakota. Heck I hung 2 juries.

The facts of my case- YES the trailer-house did burn down. I was leaving my ex-girlfriend, whose only care, recorded on Police video- was that she got paid insurance money. Strange considering we just lost everything- photos, mementos, things that you can not place value on.

She also testified to a grand jury, filed a police report, insurance report, AND testified under oath in court, that she saw me pouring gas in our home. But when attorneys asked her “Where did he pour the gas?” she stated, “She didn't actually see me pour gas.” Isn't that perjury?

I lost EVERYTHING in that fire, along with my freedom. We told the landlord to have the furnace etc, cleaned. The ex even commented to her family 3 days prior to the fire, “If we all die in a trailer fire, sue!” NOBODY has found where or how the fire started. The same officers that investigated the cause of the fire were the same officers that interviewed the ex and believed her lies- Is that justice?

I am from Minnesota and that wouldn't have happened in my home state. So I got to trial after 8 months in county jail and I hang the 1st jury 11-1 against. Not good odds. Again in my home state of Minnesota, I have have been a free man. Not in South Dakota. They can try you over and over and over. So after another 8 months (because South Dakota holds you as long as they can) in county jail, I supposedly hand 2nd jury. But after arguing with my COURT APPOINTED attorney about accepting hung jury again- which I wanted and told him to do- AGAIN. He went back into court and lied, saying “I wanted jurors to continue to deliberate.” It was 8:00pm on a Friday night. A whole week trial. Jurors faced a weekend stuck in a hotel if they didn't come up with a decision.

All of a sudden a guilty verdict. Before my attorney lied, the jury was in my favor 7-5. I told my attorney to  take the hung verdict. AGAIN- it's better than a guilty one. The judge in the case denied the jury access they requested to ATF(Alcohol Tobacco Firearms) agents expert testimony (since my incompetent court appointed attorney didn't subpoena him to second trial- again, why?) He would also not allow me to fire my court appointed attorney or make court record of jurors request- WHY?

Expert ATF witness testified that there was NO accelerant anywhere. The State's Attorney poured gas on a garage floor- threw a lit cigarette in the gas- nothing happened. AND put it on tape. Then in the State's Attorney's closing statement, it was stated, “ Mr. Couillard poured gas in a trailer and threw a lit cigarette in the gas.” The judge didn't say anything,  my attorney didn't object. We ALL saw the tape and know it's scientifically impossible. My attorney did not subpoena that tape- Again, WHY?

Not only did my ex ( the state's star witness) testify under oath and lie about the gas, she also stole my identity by filing income taxes and unemployment checks- but then she cashed the bogus checks at the bank she was employed at (I have copies of those canceled checks), the State would not go after her at all because she was their star witness.

The State of South Dakota railroaded me, I was forced to have an incompetent attorny, the Judge allowed my right to a fair trial be thrown out the window, but they also looked the other way about several felonies committed by the ex. (Identity Theft) They now have me sitting here for a crime I did not commit, a crime that “NEW” forensic science could prove I did not commit. I was sentenced to 50 years, 30 years in prison and 20 suspended for a trailer burning down. People get less time for rape, child molesting and murder. If anyone out there wants to see justice corrected, please contact me. We are all innocent, this I've found to be true, everyone has a story, 9 times out of 10 complete crap. Mine however is nothing but truth, and all the facts were fumbled and forgotten. I live in the great land of the free, the best country in the world. Somebody can surely do something about this. What if it were you? Your brother? Your father? Nephew? Cousin? Son? If they can do it to me, they can do it to anybody. I sucked resources out of their county by being housed so long. It was as simple as that when it came down to the end.



Randy Mark Couillard #40654
Mike Durfee State Prison
1412 Wood Street
Springfield, SD  57062-2238

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Tracey Brown   |67.4.207.xxx |2011-04-19 03:59:21
OMG Is that you? My neighbor, my friend? I was loo king for Traci and found you.
Sorry to hear what h appened to you. Crazy huh? I was locked up for a m inute b
ut I was guilty. I moved on and things are groovy for me now. Want to make sure
this is my Ra ndy before I say much more.
Talk to me,Love Trace y Brown aka Bo
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