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Written by Katfish   
Saturday, 13 March 2010 23:45

It’s still me. I’m still in Yazoo. Still in the Bucket. Nevertheless an interesting matter was brought to my attention the other day. It seems as if a Prison Poe was on his way into work. His job was here, in the ‘Zoo. As he was crossing the parking lot and near the entrance to the prison, his irate girlfriend walked up and shot him. POW! This was a couple years ago. Naturally it made national news. Even I remember hearing about this on the radio. Of course it wasn’t until I was reminded of this incident that I realized that the Prison in question is the very Prison I am hostage in. It would appear that the ‘Zoo continues to earn its name. Apparently a lot of things happen out in the parking lot. For example: Another Prison Poe’s car was vandalized by a female Guard who felt she’d been jilted by the Poe RE their “Personal Relationship.” I hear cars have been repeatedly repoed in that parking lot. Somehow I see this as indicative that SOME of the Poe here are unsuitable to supervise other men. If they can’t control their own lives NEVER should they have been given authority over ours. For serious, dude. Guards talk, I listen….


In my last blog, “Catching Chain”, I mentioned that I was going to be transferred for my own “safety”. You may recall that “safety” issue was explained to me as a semi-sincere concern that a certain Guard (or Guards) might seek revenge against me, setting me up for numerous, petty, and certainly contrived shots, possibly even “planting evidence”. Since I wrote that blog, I’ve had time to contemplate this reasoning and I’ve come to the conclusion that if the Prison’s Senior Officers KNOW certain Guard(s) are capable of this type of unethical behavior (vandalized cars inclusive), then really, shouldn’t it be the Senior Officers responsibility to remove said Guards from the compound, from all Guard/Convict interactions, perhaps even terminating the Guard(s) employment altogether? Fuck yeah, I’m right. I know it. You know it. And the Senior Officers damn sure know it. Even so, they’re not taking the appropriate steps to remove the unfit Guards. Instead they’re removing me (which I don’t give a fuck about, of course). Here’s breaking news: I am NOT the problem. Knock knock knock- Hey, McFly! Are you receiving on this frequency? Removing me WON’T solve the problem; it was here before I arrived. I’m just the one who chose to not take the boolshit. I’m the one who brought it out into the open. I’ll tell you something else; the problem will still be here long after I’m gone. Think about that.



There is a possible second scenario here. It’s only my theory, but I’m entitled to it. Tell me what you think. Perhaps the Senior Officers, the wanna-be-wardens and possibly even the Warden find it far easier to focus all of my attention and unethical Guard(s) and my own “safety” rather than admit to First Amendment Rights violations. I was put in the bucket for the blogs I wrote, no question about that. The “SIS Investigation” clause holds no mud. I say that because the truths I publicized freaked the BOP out and no matter what, they had to silence me anyway they could…. Look at it like this: I am in the Bucket. The Kat three cells down from me is in the Bucket. He is in for fighting. Me for writing. We both have lost all privileges. But the Kat that is in for fighting, he knows he was in the wrong. He also knows when his punishment time will end. My punishment doesn’t yet have an end in sight. Yet, to hear the Senior Officers tell it, Katfish (that’s me) is NOT being punished; I’m in for “SIS Investigation”. (SIS? Perhaps it’s an acronym for “Systematic Inaccuracy & Subterfuge”.) The BOP feels as if a misleading and ambiguous “label” changes reality. It does not. I AM being punished for exercising First Amendment rights. My safety plays no part in being Segged.


I’ve a bit of evidence to support this. Attend:  On page 31 of the “Yazoo City Correctional Complex Administration and Orientation Handbook” (revised January 2009), under the paragraph titled “Inmate Correspondence with Representatives of the News Media”, it read, quote: ”You may write through special mail procedures to representatives of the media if specified by name or title. You may not receive compensation or anything of value for correspondence with the News Media. You may not act as a reporter, publish under a byline, or conduct a business or profession while in Bureau custody.” Unfuckingquote.



Now, even though I’ve been accused of being many things in my life, I’ve never been accused of being a reporter. Moreover, this “rule”, penned by some BOP Official somewhere, clearly shows that the DOJ believes they have the power to write an arbitrary regulation that supersedes the Bill of Rights, particularly the First Amendment. Can you believe the arrogance of the BOP/DOJ?



TFTC has requested that I continue to provide them with additional blogs. I have every intention of doing so. Peace out.


Ever On

Katfish 02-26-10


Just an update for ya’ll! Both Katfish and Plywood remain in the Hole. The mail is not delivered on time or intact 99% of the time. We have not received blog 9, "Catching Chain". We here at Tales From The Cells hold out hope that it will be delivered once it is read and re-read by every appropriate official. These men have done nothing wrong. Scouring their mail is not really an issue. The issue at hand is it being DELIVERED, including everything meant to be sent! The mail delayed or “missing” is not only for Tales From The Cells, but letters to his wife, family, and friends has been tampered with as well as delayed. With it being the only form of communication, it’s pretty damn important.  Everything that Katfish writes is now with a golf pencil, as there are no more ink pens to be had. The "flex pens" are so hard to write with that the amount of effort put into a single sentence is ridiculous, especially on the chance it might not reach it’s destination. There is no reason people in SHU should not be able to purchase a BIC pen like the rest of the prison, and even half the population in the SHU. Rule bending and favoritism seem to be blatantly obvious at FCC Yazoo.  Keep coming back, we have tons of stuff to put up. Our pen pal section is growing as well as our “My Story” section. We’ve got lots of good folks who’ve been waiting patiently for their ad to go up. Thanks for reading and for your continued support!!


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