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Written by Plywood   
Sunday, 31 January 2010 00:28


Greetings To All


Some of you who have been reading previously written blogs have come across my name a time or two. I've never written a blog before and I've never been the author of anything other than my pen pal profile on this web site.

I am writing this one for numerous reasons. I'm currently doing 41 months for 18:472-Uttering Counterfeit Obligations and Securities. I'm not a killer and I deserve every month that they gave me. I would like to make it clear to all who are reading and loyal Tales From The Cells fans that I'm not crying about the time that I'm doing. All I want to do is expose the wrongs within these fences and behind these walls. Secrets breathe and exhale inside here. On the flip side, I also want to let everyone know the good things that happen on this side of the fence. Good does come with bad, in my world and in yours.

I would like to start my first off on a bad note, but you can rest assured that I will follow this one up with a second blog and it will be on a more positive note. I will tell you the tales happening outside The Zoo SHU, the tales of the yard and Gen Pop. A community within a community, yet still very different worlds dictated by the same scrupulous rules bent and used to the advantage of the staff at leisure.

On December 12, 2009, I was sent to the SHU (Special Housing Unit) for a #223 offense, which is Threatening Bodily Injury to another person. The person was Officer Craig. You've read about her. Officer Craig pulled me aside and stated, “Oh, Your Harper. Have you been drinking?” I stated, “Does it look like I'm drinkin'?” Officer Craig then defiantly said “I'll put an assault charge on you!” Shocked I looked at her and said “I wish you would, that way I'll have paperwork and I'll put all that on the blog site.” She immediately had me locked up in SHU.

I was never given any kind of disciplinary write-up and was never charged with anything. What could they charge me with? I did nothing wrong! The administration kept me locked up for SIS (Special Investigative Services) Investigation concerning this very website, Tales From The Cells.

Katfish was locked up the day before and as of this date, January 13, 2010, he still sits in the SHU. The only reason he is being held is because they don't like what he is saying, while he's doing nothing other than exercising his American Freedom of Speech. He, as well as I, as well as every convict in America, has the right to express what he/she thinks/feels are the wrong doings of the BOP Administration, at ANY facility. This is not against the law, yet a freedom they are trying to take away from us.

I was released from the SHU on December 28,2009 and was housed back in my same building (3BL). Upon my return to 3BL, I was housed by Mrs. Wiggins, the SHU secretary, to cell #50. You don't get to personally pick and choose where you go. That is up to the staff and the room available. Keep that in mind readers. Well, there was a mistake, cell #50 was a two man cell and it was full. The Unit Officer then assigned me to cell #40, my old “house”. Before I was locked up, we had the only 3 man cell that was all white. Remember, staff assigns housing. There are many cells that are ALL black.

When our Unit Counselor returned two days later on December 30, 2009 at 8:00am, he spoke with a couple of “his” inmates and came storming out of his office at approximately 11:15am. Suddenly I heard him screaming MY name out. He found me in my cell and stated to me, “Pack your shit and see me in my office.” I asked him why I was being moved and he stated, “I'm moving you for two reasons and I'll tell you what they are once you are packed and moved.”

After I was moved, Unit Counselor Mr. C. Fanning called myself and my two cell mates into his office and spoke to us.

**Editor's Note: We have a copy of the official BP-8 from one of the three men, Mr. McCurley. We are going to put the statement up here instead of the actual document, which spans several pages. Mr. McCurley is currently waiting a response from the Warden, officially titled a BP-9. We will be bringing you a convict dictionary so these terms are more easily understood, bear with us until then. The following is the statement of what happened in the office of Mr. Fanning on December 30, 2009, signed and verified by 4 witnesses.

“ 1. Briefly state your complaint. Include all details and facts which support your request and the date on which the complaint occurred.

Answer: On 12/30/09 at 1:00pm Counselor C. Fanning of 3-B-L called inmate S. Harper, inmate D. Griffith, and myself, convict Jeramie McCurley to his office. Mr. Fanning's first words were as follows:

1)”All this white power shit is going to stop.”
2)”Take this shit next door.”
3)”I will get other inmates involved. I have inmates you know.”

Then Mr. Fanning continued on and made theses specific threats:

1)“I will make your jobs and your time a living hell.”
2)“I will have you all locked up pending SIS investigation.”
3)“Do you work for me?”  My reply: “Yes”. Mr. Fanning: I'll take care of that.”

2.What actions are you requesting to resolve your complaint?

1)Remove and sanction Counselor C Fanning pursuant to Program Statement 3420.09.
2)Place me in a job of my choice, not “Food Service”.
3)Have Mr. Fanning put on Administrative Duties or Perimeter Truck because of his unprofessional acts and conduct.

Counselor Fanning as of 12/30/09, the same day of the incident in question, placed me in Food Service. Mr. Fanning's conduct, aggressive threats and behavior are not isolated, but rather routine when at 3-B-L.

I request an investigation into Mr. Fanning's conduct on these statements and issues set forth. Program Statement 3420.09 Standards of Conduct of B.O.P. Officials mandates that employees will conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. Those standards further prohibit an employee from being disrespectful to B.O.P. Inmates. Those Standards of Conduct also absolutely prohibit employees from using discrimination or retaliation against inmates who report such violations of those standards.

On one occasion about a month ago, my roommate S. Harper and myself were in cube #40 and heard Counselor Fanning threaten inmate Garcia who lives in cube #41, “step back or I'll sock you in the mouth.”

Counselor Fanning is a direct threat to the security and welfare of the Institution. His track record for grievances against him and the B.O.P. Is surely horrendous, to say the very least. How can his conduct me tolerated by the B.O.P for some 22 years, unless the B.O.P turns a blind eye to these egregious security issues and acts. The B.O.P can not afford to show deliberate indifference to these issues at hand. Civil litigation for discrimination and retaliation may be the only option left to exhaust. I'm sufficiently stating for the record for future use. Please stop all potential retaliation from all employees at Yazoo City Low Correctional Complex.

Jeramie McCurley"

I have also filed the same paperwork. I am awaiting the response on my BP-8 from the Warden as well. I will keep you guys and ladies up to date on all that is going on with this issue and many more. Thank you for all your support. Please feel free to comment on anything I've said here today. I am of the understanding that this is an open forum and all opinions are considered equally. Please  pass this web address along to all your friends and enemies. Smile..... We need all the help we can get in order for change to begin for the betterment of all behind these walls. We don't have a voice and are being wronged each and everyday behind these fences and closed doors. We are being punished, but the Correctional Officers and staff have free reign over out lives?


Thank you all for your time in reading this. I hope it will do justice to Tales From The Cells and to our solider, the beloved Nikki.



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robert manke   |69.66.102.xxx |2012-06-05 14:01:17
Hi bud,

sorry to hear about your doing time, but shit happens. So can healing.

I'll try to keep th is short and get to the point: I'm trying to conta ct Marc
Emory, but need some help figuring out the path to do that.

I would like to
encourage him during his stay with us as I strongly disagree wit h deporting hi
m from his home nation where I belie ve he broke no local-nation offenses.

I am
only a few months off of possible approval for being a j ail minister myself.

And it's ok with me if you w ant to chat me for your self. I'll listen. I've be
en around the block myself.

bob manke
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