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Written by Katfish   
Sunday, 17 January 2010 01:32





Greetings from the Yazoo Shu (Special Housing Unit, aka 'The Hole). Yeppers. I'm in the bucket AGAIN. You might not believe this but I'm here, inside an Administrative Segregation cell for authoring “blogs” about life and living inside the Yazoo City Prison Complex. I recently wrote a couple of blogs about the prejudicial favoritism practiced by two BOP guards. I used their real names. Why wouldn't I? The blogs were about them. It now seems as if the powers that be would rather I not do this. I guess they're kind of touchy about letting secrets like that out of the bag. But dig this, I tried it their way. I wrote up Officer Craig. I tried the BOP's esoteric Administrative Remedy Process. The prison's Warden responded to my written appeal by stating (in writing of his own) that he viewed Craig's actions as appropriate.



People- I tried to handle this situation inside the complex. Appropriate actions indeed. So I've brought the problem to agencies outside the complex. Let them handle it. In the meantime, I'm in the bucket for daring to publicize the truth. Been here since 12-11-09 at 10:00am. Make no mistake about it; I am being punished for exercising the First Amendment. In fact, check this out:


From the 8th Edition of “Constitutional Rights of Prisoners”
Article 4.5- Communication with Non-Judicial Officials and Agencies
“Punishing an inmate for communicating his complaints to higher administrative levels is as much a denial of the  right to petition government as is the outright refusal to mail such letters. This principal is exemplified by 'Cavey vs. Williams', in which a Warden was ordered to pay compensatory and punitive damages to the inmate plaintiff because the Warden violated the inmate's First Amendment rights by punishing him for writing a letter criticizing prison polices.”





Consequences for prison officials. Isn't that groovy? This is an ideology I can definitely get behind!


Have I mentioned I have a bunky here, in the bucket, with me? His name is Stephen “Plywood” Harper (see pen pals section for his info and photo). It seems Plywood is in here for being associated with me or with Tales From The Cells. Probably a bit of both. It's like this: A few weeks ago I handed Plywood several TFTC business cards. I told him that if he saw a chance to press a card or three into the hands of the Federal Inspectors who were here that week conducting their Annual Prison Complex Review, then Plywood should take full advantage of the opportunity. (Note: The Fed Inspectors are actually Big Shots from the Southeast Regional BOP Headquarters in Atlanta. You see, the Guards and the Unit Manager in my unit kept us from the Inspectors by ordering us to go to our cubicles. “Disobeying Direct Orders” reports and The Hole being the alternative.) Whatever the case, Plywood managed to get two business cards into the Inspector's hands. (Boo-Yah! Fist pump for Plywood!)


With that accomplished it was my theory that an Atlanta Big Shot would read a Yaz Blog and say, “Wait a friggin second here- this type of conduct by BOP Guards is definitely inappropriate if not outright illegal.” Something like that. The last thing anybody expected was for the guard in one of the blogs (Craig of course) to discover Plywood's success at getting the Regional Big Shots online! Naturally Craig marched over to Plywood's unit (one single day after I was segged), found him, initiated a heated exchange which resulted in Craig segging Plywood for what she claimed were threats made against her person. For serious, dude.



The very next day (less than 24 hours later), an SIS Lieutenant got together with Plywood here, in the SHU, read the report (Shot) written by Craig, rolled his eyes and then tore the shot up and trashed it. Plywood tried to talk the LT out of a copy of it, but no dice. The LT stated there would be no point because the shot had been “thrown out”.

Here it is, two weeks later to the day since the shot was “thrown out”, and Plywood yet sits here in the bucket with me. What gives with that? Plywood explained to me that Craig wrote in the shoot that Plywood threatened to “put her on blog street”.


Oooooh, scary.

Additionally, Plywood has TFTC on his e-mail list. This is because TFTC shall soon begin posting convict art and Plywood is one of many contributors. When Plywood discovered I'd been Segged (segregated to the hole) for my blogs, he immediately e-mailed TFTC of that development. I feel pretty bad that Plywood got his narrow ass hemmed up for what was, essentially, my conflict. It would seem that “RETALIATION” is the name of the game here. Apparently siding with me and the Constitutional Amendments is a very bad thing in Yazoo City, Mississippi. (What?! Rights violations in Mississippi? Why, I never...)


FYI- A lot of Yazoo guards have come to our cell door here in the bucket to ask how to find/navigate TFTC. Upon discovering for themselves that I'm actually in the hole for writing accurate blogs RE my personal experiences while held hostage inside this Prison Complex, the vast majority of the guards have expressed serious reservations about Plywood's and my segregation, not to mention concern over my First Amendment Rights being violated.



Well, duh.

Ever On....


~Katfish written Sunday, 12-27-09



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