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Written by Katfish   
Friday, 25 December 2009 01:27
>>If you did not see PART I you can check it out here...  On Balance, Part I

It would be very difficult to accurately describe how weird it feels to be the only White dude in a prison dorm. The Black fellas looked at me curiously. And as I looked back, two White faces emerged. Man, I sighed relief. They walked up to me and introduced themselves with handshakes, then helped me set up a cot in the Fishbowl.
It's called “The Fishbowl” because it's a room off of the Main Hall. It can hold up to 7 cots (I've since seen it with 6 cots), and one of the walls is mostly windows. There is no door. It's where new arrivals or “Fish” are temporarily houses. The cost is a nylon foldout job. One hour or so after entering 2BL, three Black guys came and introduced themselves (The White guys had “things” to do before lights out and they had burned off). After the initial pleasantries were exchanged, one of the Black guys produced a nylon mesh bag filled with basic hygiene items which he offered to me. He hooked me up with shower slides, Dial deodorant, Irish Spring bar soap, Crest teethpaste, and a teethbrush. Because I'd already learned that all new arrivals had the privilege to go to Commissary the very next day as a , quote,”New Arrival/First Time Shopper”, I accepted the hygiene items and told the man to get with me the next day and I'd either replace the items or even obtain other goods should he wish. He surprised me by waving me off and saying everything was on the House.



The conversation turned to the ubiquitous questions such as , “What you down for and how long? What prison you come here from? How long there? Where you hail from?” Blah blah. Once it was noted that I was from Denver, one of the fellas said, “Hey-yer in luck. There's another guy from Denver here too. How 'bout that, you gots a homie.” Pretty soon they all burn off.


I had 2 bunkies in the Fishbowl with me. One was a very young Puerto Rican. He'd come on the bus with me. I already knew I didn't care for him because he was obnoxiously loud, sounding like someone had taught a goose to honk in Spanish. He's what you might call a “Poser”. Always straining for attention. Fuck him. My other bunky was a Black fella named Q. He was from Gerogia. He'd been in the Fishbowl for awhile I guess, liking it there. As he and I became acquainted, another Black guy came in and introduced himself as Demetrius Sommerville (if you're curious, he's on the pen pal section). People call him Dee. Dee is from Colorado Springs. He and I kicked it for a sec. At one point he asked me if I'd done any Colorado State Prison Time. I rolled my eyes and allowed as to how I'd done state time on 4 prior occasions. Dee asked me if I knew so and so (some name). I said, no, didn't ring a bell.

“How 'bout Harold Adams?”, Dee asked. “Maybe you know him.”

I said, “No...” but it sounded familiar. Thought about it, then said, “Wait a minute. Harold Adams? Was he in Walsenburg (A private prison for profit)?”

“I think so, yeah.”

“Look- Kat I'm thinking of was a little throwed off. He was in the drug program with me and he was all the time talking about smoking crack while sitting inside some kind of glass cage contraption of his own design, had a lizard in there with him. He told me he'd figured out some way to rejuvenate all the exhaled crack smoke back into another rock. The cage and the lizard had something to do with it. Would that be the Harold Adams you're talking about?”


“Yep. That's him”, Dee laughed. “He's my brother.” He then told me which cube I could find him in should I need anything, and he too burned off.


Lights out at 10:30pm. I froze my nuts off in that Fishbowl the first night. Only had the one thin blanket. The air conditioning thoroughly circulates in the Fishbowl and the nylon cot conducted the cold air efficiently. Chilly fucken beanies , baby. Brrrrrrrr......

Katfish was taken to SHU aka the Hole. They will NOT inform him as to WHY he was taken, nor will they tell him how long he will be a guest there. I've called several times to only get the same response, "Yes ma'am, he is here and he's doing just fine." Obviously not. The conditions at this SHU are worse than in Big Spring I would say from my own personal opinion. The rooms are smaller, and they have a shower in each room, thus cutting down the need for a staff escort to bathe. However, the shower has black mold. Now, breathing that shit in, especially in SMALL quarters, is dangerous. We will see how this is going to be played out. Mysteriously though, after 'Fish started blogging about conditions and "secrets" within the last prison he was in, he was taken to SHU, held over 90 days, and was finally moved to The Zoo. Now that he's writing about incidents that are less than flattering, he again is sitting in SHU. This is a media outlet. We provide the truth to all of our readers. We provide information to all our readers. We intend on protecting the rights of our authors, and doing everything we can to help them. Tales From The Cells backs the First Amendment 110%. No matter what that truth may be, you have the right to write about it.



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