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Written by Katfish   
Sunday, 13 December 2009 02:34

~~Katfish was taken to SHU (the Hole) on Friday, December 11th, 2009 at FCI Yazoo. I am unsure at this point why, but I would guess it is due to his relentless battle to make things fair for all inmates and to make the public aware of what your tax money is going to. He is trying to make the Correctional Officers, Medical Staff, and all employees of the BOP staff responsible for their actions by simply writing down what he sees day in and day out. Should an inmate not follow the rules and proper code of conduct, they are punished severely. Why is that not the same practice with the employees and WHEN is somebody going to stand up and take notice? Before Katfish started writing for Tales From The Cells he did not spend ANY time in the Hole or in trouble for that matter while a guest with the Federal System. Not a single write up. Now, no matter where he goes, off to the Hole. Secrets and Truths, who will you believe. 

ACLU, Mr. Nelson, San Fransisco Times, Prison Advocacy Groups, please join us in our plight. Leave your thoughts people, ideas, anything that you think might help, or if you are CON to all of this, leave your opinion we are open to everybody's opinion!     




Man, the things I see here at the 'Zoo. Everybody everywhere needs to check this shit out. Mississippi still is NOT with the equal rights gig. Makes you wonder what the hell it is with this state.




Nearly every evening I see 10 to 15 members of the Nation of Islam standing together, much like a receiving line, in the center of the compound. Their uniforms are always neat and clean. Creases ironed to perfection. Their shirts all long sleeved, buttoned up tight at cuff and collar. Their boots polished to a low gleam. Each member has a notepad and pencil in their shirt pocket. Same type of note pad. Same type of pencil. All identically tucked into the same position. It's uniformity. I'm forgetting something here. Let me think....oh yeah- every member is Black; naturally. They're gathered in the middle of the compound peacefully. Their intent? I'm not exactly sure, but I think they're trying to recruit new members. Pretty sure the Nation of Islam is a Black thing exclusively. Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Islam nor it's members. To be perfectly frank, I'm not even certain I know what an Islam is. I do know this; those Islamic Kats are peaceful and respectful. I kind of think it's a religion. I need to be fair here and mention that there's Muslims here too. Only reason I'm bringing that up is because this is the first place I've seen White Muslims. They even wear the hat, a “Kippah”, I believe they're called. One of these White Muslims has an amazing array of facial tattoos. Looks to me like a Kiss concert exploded.


There is also White religion here. They're Odinists. Also known as the “Asatru”(said exactly how it's spelled). Their belief is centered around the old Norse God Structure. In late October, early November, the Senior Odinist (A fella named Jason) was scheduled to lead some type of aerobics class. EVERYONE was encouraged to sign up if interested, did not matter if you were White, Black, Brown, Yellow or Red, ALL were welcome. The night of the first class approximately 15 Whites showed up and nobody else. Jason assures me that some of his Black friends signed up for the class but they were simply “no-shows” that night. Corrections Officer Bender ran into the recreation room and declared the class “Too White” to proceed. Miss Bender is Black of course. Ninety-five percent of the Corrections Officers in Yazoo are Black. Unsurprisingly ALL of the recreation classes that are “Black-Only” are allowed to proceed, zero questions asked. Jason is quick to point out that the Nation of Islam has their own aerobics class filled with Black participants only. Hell, they're even allowed to post up in the center of the compound.




But let 15 White dudes show up for an aerobics step class and the Black poe bust it up. What the fuck is that? Don't get me wrong here either. I don't kick it with the Odinists. (I don't kick it with anyone really), nor do I subscribe to their beliefs. I have no problems with Islams or Asatrus. What I do have a problem with are the BOP Guards who blatantly treat one convict, or group of convicts, different than another. Fuck yeah, I got a BIG problem with that.The population here is easily 80% Black and if that isn't exact, ask me if I give a fuck because exact isn't relevant to the point.



Additionally, a Guard, (whose name I've been unable to learn at this point), went into Jason's cubicle, saw that he had a couple of his favorite rules of conduct from his Odinist religion on his bulletin board (which convicts are supposedly allowed to do). This guard examined the passages, found the word “Aryan” not to her personal liking and took it upon herself to tear down Jason's religious beliefs and trash them. When Jason found out and protested to his Unit Manager (A Black woman), she had Jason escorted to the hole for “Insolence”.


I have personally noted many parts of the Koran up in Cubicles with the words “Muslim” and “Allah” prominently displayed. Excuse me, but isn't it the Muslim Terrorists who are responsible for 911? I can tell you with all sincerity that it's not the Odinists we should be worried about. Believe that.

And those may not be the right words, but the message is clear: If you're White and in the 'Zoo, you may not have White religious beliefs displayed. If you're White, you may not congregate together ANYWHERE, even if it's for an exercise class.

On the other-hand, if you're Black, doesn't matter what your religious belief or affiliation, go ahead and get your groove on. Post your extremist views in your cube. Post up in the middle of the Compound. Have all the “Black-Only” exercise classes you want because if you're Black, the Yazoo City Federal Prison Complex Guards will sanction it.

I'm from Denver, baby. Don't do it like that, not me. The minute I hit this yard I began signing convicts on to the TFTC pen pal site for free. Does not matter to me what color a convict is, it's their character I note. Can I possibly be the only one who sees how throwed off the equal rights practice is here? Thus I make a public appeal for the ACLU in Jackson, Mississippi (Director Nsombi Lambright), to investigate. Another way to look at this is to see it as me exercising my First Amendment Rights to petition the Government for redress of grievances.

One final thought here: If the issue were White guards doing this shit to Black convicts, there'd be a goddamned uproar with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton out front giving speeches to the press. I wonder if they possess the courage of their convictions and might actually speak up regarding these irrefutable issues. Repeat after me, “ALL OUR RIGHTS ARE OUR RIGHTS ALIKE.”

Peace Out-

~Katfish 11-22-09






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