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Written by Katfish   
Saturday, 16 May 2009 22:24

It’s been brought to my attention that there’s been some DOJ activity on Tales From The Cells. While this may surprise some, it surprises me not at all. A god-awful lot of government agencies monitor everything on the web now, even your personal e-mail. I super urge you to use caution because the Thought Police are in your business.  Been in your business since the day the sky fell down. They’re in my business too. If our thoughts and opinions do not coincide with theirs, they’re apt to do something very stupid, like invoke their ever popular “Conspiracy” charge. Suppose you had a thought the ultra-cons didn’t much like, and you shared said thought with a friend via e-mail. POW!, your hit for conspiracy to commit….whatever. And the Department of Justice? Not too “just”. Here are a couple of shiny examples.



David. He’s a homosexual, out of the closet and on Front Street. No shame to his game. David comes from a family that’s in some way associated with a medical consulting firm. Using their resources, David located AIDS patients, the ones in the final stages of this terrible disease. How sad and how frightening it must be to slowly and knowingly die the HIV death. David approaches these sick and dying men, and he convinces them to leave their medications to him upon their demise. David then takes these drugs, and again using the consulting firm’s resources, he located other AIDS victims. David gives the drugs to these people, FREE OF CHARGE. No money ever changed hands with any parties involved. David has done a very noble and just thing. The people of his community are very proud of their David. The DOJ arrested him and indicted him, tried him and subsequently imprisoned him. No little sentence either: 168 months. (In real world terms, that is 14 years ladies and gentlemen.) David has been in prison since 12-23-99. He was no Kevorkian; David’s distribution actually eased suffering and prolonged life. The DOJ incarcerated David for the unforgivable crime of compassion. Makes you proud to be an Amerikan, don’t it?

Now let’s look at the flipside of this. We have an employee of DOJ working up in medical, a glorified nurse who maybe did a little extra studying and earned the working title of “Physician’s Assistant”. This simply means said person is a nurse who can prescribe drugs.

There are 3 P.A.s up there at FCI Big Spring Medical Administration. Two of those fellas try their best to help a convict, much to the dismay of the medical administration because the Admins are professional bean counters and medical help to a convict translates into dollar signs out of their budget. So anyway, hats off to #1  and #2 ((Nikita would not allow for the names to be put in print)) for their compassion. It’s the 3rd one the DOJ should indict for deliberate indifference and intentional misdiagnosis. This in proficient P.A. spent 10 months insisting to my friend, Ronald “Animal” Foley, that his was simply a throat infection, that there was nothing to be done about it, and he kept prescribing 800mg Ibuprofen for it over and over and over again. I don’t know the exact number of times Animal made sick call, but I do know this: once he finally made it past this truly indifferent and incompetent P.A., and got to see a street doctor, they found Animal to be in the advanced stages of throat cancer. And even then it took the BOP (a division of the DOJ, by the way) an additional 2 to 3 weeks to ship him to a medical facility in the Carolinas. Friends have kept me updated on his status, as he is important to me. His story is just not right. His last words to us all are, “If you don’t hear from me by June, I died….”

Animal and Katfish

Look at it from our point of view, the DOJ prosecutes David Crader (of Lubbock, Texas) for an unselfish act of compassion (Note to Oprah Windbag: You git yer ass up, put down the Ben and Jerry’s and do something about this because we as government hostages cannot). Yet this same DOJ protects Physician’s Assistant #3 for incompetence, misdiagnosis, and deliberate indifference. I too have had my own unique experiences with P.A. #3. He once prescribed 500mg Tylenol for an inner ear infection. Another time he told me to go purchase Athletes Foot Cream off the inmate commissary and use that to combat the staph infection I’d developed in one of my arm pits. The man is a charlatan.

blood3-1.gif - 1.93 Kbblood3-1.gif - 1.93 Kb

Animal and his family have attorneys. They ARE suing. The BOP (DOJ) will naturally settle out of court. P.A. #3 will continue to do what he does best: cut corners, prescribe Tylenol and Ibuprofen, collect a paycheck, bonuses and countdown the days til he can retire. In a way, he’s simply doing time as well. Click, clock, click, clock…

The Bureau of Prisons reviews Tales From The Cells.

The Department of Justice find “My Story” and “Glimpses of Madness” very interesting indeed. And now that I’ve shined a little beam of light on The Great and Secret Show, I wonder what will happen next… Fuck ‘em, I ain’ scared to bring forth the things they never wanted you to know. I listen, and I remember…

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sativa   |208.66.189.xxx |2009-05-18 06:31:52
Damn! That's some fucked up shit!
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