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Written by Katfish   
Wednesday, 19 August 2009 23:40
Still in the bucket; Day 29. The investigation has been concluded. The findings are (drum roll please) “inconclusive”.

Yeppers. How do you like them apples? I don’t know about you people, but inconclusive would indicate a decisive lack of evidence, and having no evidence means no disciplinary report (better known as a “shot”). Thus no shot should also mean a return to normal status. At least you would think so, right?




As of yesterday (6-9-09), the Sunrise unit manager, Mrs. Jacobsen, told me to my face that I was gonna be transferred out of FCI Big Spring. Convict double fist pump, and rebel yell! Good news indeed.


Ah, but with good news there is always some bad.


I’ll likely be sitting here in the bucket for an additional 2 to 3 months. Add in the month I’ve already been in here, and what we have is Katfish in punitive segregation for 4 months for doing nothing- at least related to the original contrived “investigation”.


A quote from Ralph Steadman seems appropriate here:
“He shot me in the ass for doing absolutely nothing, son, and that’s about as good as it gets.”
You do know who Ralph Steadman is, dontcha?

You better…


At any rate, a few blogs back, Miz Nikita posted the Scher decision concerning retribution.


Believe me, it was ignored by BOP officials far and wide.


My first clue is, well… myself. Lack of evidence, yet confined to the bucket pending transfer. Unfair, and clearly retaliation. I embarrass FCI Big Spring. It’s my job.

Let me tell you about some other retaliatory tactics prohibited by the Scher decision, yet openly practiced by Big Spring staff (listen, man- not all Big Spring staff are pricks or idiots. Tomorrow, I intend to write a public thank you to the staff that was cool, and I will name them.).


Let’s start with random locker searches…


I’m in prion, and searches are part, and parcel of my current existence. Locker searches are to be expected, man. It’s part of the guard’s job description.

What you wouldn’t expect, however, is theft by guards.


The BOP policy is that if, during a search, a guard finds anything he feels is contraband he can confiscate it. He is suppose to leave an official confiscation form.


In the four years I’ve been here, I have yet to see a confiscation form. I wouldn’t know what color it is.


Let’s define “contraband” as is written in the series catalog. A series 305 defines contraband as, “Anything not authorized by staff.”. Wrap you mind around that ambiguity if you can, and that’s what we live under day in, and day out.

Let’s give you some examples:


A guard finds an alarm clock not sold in this yard’s commissary, although sold on another prisons, and transferred here with the convict. Said clock is taken.
Not only clocks, either. I’ve seen watches, hand held electronic translaters, thesauruses, dictionaries, chess sets, and yes, even sunglasses, and microwave bowls, all taken because it wasn’t sold to the convict by this yard’s commissary.


But how did these items, bought at other prisons, get into the convicts locker? I’ll tell you how. The guards at “receiving” authorized the convict to have it.
Hey guards! How about a little consistency here, please.


So the convict comes back to his bunk, from his job (be it Unicor, or the poor bastards who have to scrub birdshit off the sidewalks all day), and finds his locker has been tossed. Things are missing, naturally, and there’s no confiscation form.


The convicts in his area tells the cat which POE hit his shit. The convict goes down, and confronts the guard. Nine out of ten times, the guard denies having it, or ever seeing it. Behind the guard is a room with shelves in it filled with hundreds of things “never taken, never seen”.


The one out of ten times the guard does admit to taking the item, the convict is usually told that, “Sure, I took it. It’s contraband. I’ll write you a confiscation form so you can mail home. But, I’m also going to write a 305 shot too.”.


The convict will say fuck it, keep it, because a 305 will result in loss of a lower bunk, and loss of commissary, phone, and visit privileges for 30-60 days.


It’s shady, people. Very, very shady, yet practiced openly, and daily in Big Spring.


Here’s a little something called diesel therapy. Let me define this BOP gem (which clearly violates the abolishment of “cruel and unusual” punishments).


If a convict pisses of the BOP enough, they can, and they have, put him on a bus, and ship him around the country indefinitely. He must eat on the bus, piss on the bus, and crap in it.
I’ve talked to quiet a few people who’ve endured diesel therapy. They’ve told me they’d been on it for 6 to 8 months, and their families had zero clue where they were. They wouldn’t even be listed on the inmate locater, and phone calls to the DOJ, in Washington, were fruitless.


The bus would stop at county jails, or federal prisons around the country where the convict would be housed in the SHU, sometimes overnight, sometimes for many days.


Then one morning they’d come drag him out of his cell, chain him up, throw him on the bus, and off he’d go.


One guy told me this, “I rode around for 9 months, Kat. Some of it with blackeyes, bloody lips, even a broken nose.”, and this is diesel therapy, brought to Americans citizens by the Department of Justice, sanctioned by the U.S. government.


People! This is true! It’s happening to who knows how many convicts as you read this.

Could diesel therapy be in my future? Possibly. But, I’m not tripping. Black eyes and broke noses? Fuck ‘em. I’ve been beat down by bikers in bars, and prison gangs; Been stabbed twice. Fat ass pigs in BOP cannot do anything to me that hasn’t already been done before.


If I go offline, you will know why- diesel therapy.


I will eventually resurface, though, if this happens, and continue to blog until things become better for convicts.


My big, fat mouth will never shut up.


Naturally, there’s at least a dozen more cases of BOP/DOJ sanctioned retributions I could write about, but I think you get the point.


6-10-09          Katfish
Katfish and Robert Burke

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